Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction

The level of satisfaction with the supplied products

The following table covers ten activities of ŽDB Drátovna a.s. Each of the activities is to be evaluated separately for the previous period of the year. Together with your evaluation of our products and services we would like to ask you for the same evaluation of another customer of yours – while we will respect his anonymity.Evaluation of the level of your satisfaction: 5–excellent 4–very good 3–good 2–low 1–very low

Evaluation of ŽDB Drátovna a.s. – Wire-Drawing PlantEvaluation of another customer of yours
1. Product quality
2. The level of performance of the contracts (completeness, supplied quantity, packing)
3. Meeting the delivery terms
4. The level of the product mix, technical parameters and other properties compared with the expected trends in the industry
5. Payment terms
6. Product price related to the market prices
7. Flexibility (speed and flexibility of the producer in responding to the ideas and requirements of the customer)
8. Product documentation (completeness, supplied certificates and approvals)
9. Flexibility and speed when dealing with complaints
10. Overall impression regarding the manufacturer
The manufacturer provides the customer with the opportunity to express his ideas for improvement in the comments. In case you grade one of the activities by a single point we would like to ask you for giving us the reasons for such a low evaluation:

Evaluated product

The share of the product in the overall volume of the corresponding purchased goods

Identification of the customer

At the end we would like to ask you to provide some basic information on your person and on the company for which you work:

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Thank you for your time spent on the survey of the customer satisfaction.
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